Saturday, July 20, 2013

A few days ago I was happily swimming in the Bay when a couple of Trevallies circled around me. I thought nothing of it until they circled me again, and again, and again and (you guessed it)again! I had covered several hundred feet while this transpired so there was definitely method in their collective madness. Got me thinking- I've seen a lot of symbiosis(no it's NOT a social disease) with these critters over the years. They have teamed up with bonefish, octopus, goatfish, eels and a host of other sundry critters in a one sided(comensual) relationship in the hopes of snatching up a quick pupu- one that their hapless team member might scare up. This got me thinking. Am I now on the Trevally's list for a comensual relationship? What will my family think?


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