Saturday, August 31, 2013

 I often listen to my taste buds (Yes, my taste buds talk) and they sometimes tell me that the food I'm eating is 'boring.' Then I think about our piscine friends, many of whom exist on just a couple of menu items- day in and day out. Our fourspot butterflyfish friend is a prime example. Here we see him checking out a bit of coral. Talk about your basic food groups, his is limited to invertebrates, plankton, coral polyps and(don't forget your greens) the occasional bit of algae. When he thinks of 'fast food,' he's only thinking of the speed of his potential pupu NOT the Golden Arches! Me, I'm gonna go with a Quarter Pounder with cheese and a side of fries! Now where's that 2 for 1 coupon I put away for just this urge?


Blogger Breeanna M said...

So beautiful! Love your blog. It is so inspiring (as I want to become a better snorkeler). Thanks for sharing! :)

9:10 PM  

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